Warm Wishes

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Hi everyone,

Today I am bringing you some warm wishes.  Thinking now  on this, most of us probably want some cool wishes since it is summer time in the US.

I truly don’t think there is a such thing as too many coffee stamps, sentiments or cards!!!  I love everything coffee!!!

I used some stamps and the one of the sentiments from the  Paper Smooches Hot Concoctions stamp set.  This was my very first coffee stamp ever!!!  It is still a favorite!!!

I stamped my image on some Neenah Soalr white #80 card stock and colored it with my Copic Markers.  ( I actaually made this card quite awhile back!!! I just never got to psoting it!)  Then I masked off my image and made an ink blended background,  I layered my scalloped image piece onto some background paper die cut into a circle and adhered that to my card base.  A quick and simple card.

And that is it!!!  This would be a easy card to duplicate once you have your mask made, it would go pretty fast!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and Blessings until next time!!!



You Make Skies Blue with Hug Bear

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Hi everyone,

I am back today with a quick,  bright and fun card!!!

With all the summer sunshine we have been having, I felt like incooperating that into a card!!!

I am still in love with this hug bear from Gerda Steiner Designs.  He is a fun digital stamp.

Hug Bear - Digital Stamp - Clearstamps - Papercrafts - Gerda Steiner Designs

And he is so much fun to color.  I thnk I have colored him at lest 10 times already!!!

I tried a new color combo out on him this time.  My Copic Jump Start class has me trying out all kinds of new things!!!

He is so happy that I had to make a lot of fluffy clouds for him to be enjoying!!! I thought he needed so bright green grass to run around in and a cute bright sun too!!!  He is a happy bear when the sun is shining!!!  LOL


Thanks for stoppijng by and enjoying hug bear’s adventure with him!!!

Hugs and Blessings until next time,




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Silly Card for a Heart Transplant Receiver #sharehandmadekindness

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Hi everyone,

I am so excited because I actually have a day that I have time to craft and blog!! Yay!!! I hope this means it is going to slow down around my house finally!!!

Today I am bringing you a special card.  It is for a very special man, who has been inspiring me with his courage, his faith and his sheer desire to have a happy life no matter what is thrown his way.  His name is Butch and he is my kid’s great uncle and he just had a heart transplant.

Not super long ago, he had to have an artifical valve put in his heart because his heart just wasn’t working correctly.  It seemed to help but it wasn’t without some complications and hospital visits.

Every day on FaceBook since all of this heart things when he is at home, he posts inspiring words and things about how God wants us to live and groups of people we should pray for.  I have to tell you I look forward to those posts every day.  His messages have gotten me thru some difficult days dealing with what is going on with my own life lately.

A few months ago, him and his wife went to have him do the tests and things to get him on the heart donor list.  His wife said it could be 2 years til a donor became available but you have to start somewhere.  Well 18 or 19 days ago, it did happen and he has a new heart.  It still blows my mind to think about it.  He is doing good and is soon moving to rehab.  To me this is a modern day miracle and I am so thankful to God that he was given this second chance.

Butch has a great sense of humor so I knew he would laugh at the card I made him.  Actually one of my IG frioends had made my Dad a card using this stamp and my Dad laughed so hard when he got it, I new I needed to buy it and send it to Butch!!!


Art Impressions has some of the funniest stamps around.  They always make me laugh!!!

Asking for prayers for Butch and his recovery and for the family of the person who’s heart is keeping Butch alive.  While we are celebrating, they are mourning and we have to rememeber the sacrifce their family made for a complete stranger.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and Blessings til next time!



Happy Dog Days

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Today I have a quick post for you.  I am totally in love with my friends4cookie stamp set from The Stamps of Life.  Also I have been working on my homework for the Copic Jump Start self paced class.  I really liked how my doggie turned out so I turned him into a card.

There is something about that happy face and that big red tongue that just makes you smile.  We had a lab/dalmation mix named Brittany, that had that same happy to see you face.  I think that is why I love this stamp so much!!!


This is Brit, not too long before she had to cross the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven.  She was 15 yrs old and such a sweet girl right to the end.  We miss you Brittany.


I decided use some Copic markers to add some color around my doggie to make her pop more!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

HUgs and Blessings,



My Dad’s Cancer Journey part 3 #sharinghandmadekindness

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My Dad has been home from the rehab since last Monday.  He was busy all week going to appointments and radiation.  He will have his last radiation treatment tomorrow and then we wait.  The doctor told us that radiation therapy takes awhile to work and it will be at least a month or two until we know what it did.  So we are all trying to stay positive and keep my Dad lifted up and see what the next few months brings us.  On August 26th my Dad has an appointment with the cancer doctor to address something else they saw on the cat scan.  My Dad isn’t really addressing this, so we don’t either.  When the time comes we will deal with it then.

In the meantime my IG crafty friends are still sending my Dad (and me) cards!!!  It brings him so much joy!!!  I am so grateful for everyone sending cards and praying.

Here are a few pics (or a lot of pics) of my Dad opening his cards.


Don’t mind his super red lips, he was eating a candy cane before I got here and we couldn’t get it off his lips!!!








Tina’s card @tinneke_th, message was super moving and my Dad had to cry, I did the same thing when I read the card she sent me.





Here is my Mom checking out the cards!!




and here is a Picture of my Dad and my youngest son, Owen.  Owen has been staying with my parents this week keeping an eye on my Dad and helping him do things.


Thanks for sharing in with my Dad”s journey.  We are totally overwhelmed by everyone’s concern and blessings they send!

Hugs and Blessings til next time!


My Dad’s New Cancer Jounery part 2- #sharinghandmadekindness

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Hi everyone,

I have been MIA for a little bit.  I am still trying to adjust to my new job and getting all my training hours in. Plus Thurston just moved in and we are trying to get the house to look like a bombed hasn’t gone off in it and I was also helping take my Dad to appointments last week after he got released from the hospital on Monday.

Last Sunday before he went home, I took a few cards in to him that had come from my awesome and amazing IG friends from around the world.  I feel so blessed to be part of such a loving, supportive and talented group of people!!!

My Dad always loves when I bring him new cards!!!  I took pictures of him opening each one.





Here he is with all the ones I took in that day!


Also his favorite banker brought him some balloons!!!


This is my oldest son, Sam and my boyfriend Thurston, joining in on the fun.  Actually they were busy watching the Olympics, but they were having fun!


Here are some pics of the previous cards my Dad received displayed on his window sill!





I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has been sending my Dad cards.  It has been such a blessing not only to him but to my whole family!!!!

Thanks You!!!

Hugs and Blessings until next time!


It Moose Be Love

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Hi Everyone,

Today I am bringing you a fun card I made with my Lawn Fawn Artic Critter stamp set while I had it out making a card for the #thedailymaker30day color challenge.

I am currently taking the Copic Jump Start self paced class. One of the lessons is on criiters!!!  ( I just love that word…critters) So while I had my stamp set out making my magical narwhal, I thought I would color some other critters too!!

CopicJumpstart selfpacedDSCN9351-001

I had so much fun coloring them.


Don’t they just look so happy!!!

I wanted to try something different, so I drew in a background with my Copic Markers.  I had taken a free bonus class at Kit and Clowder on Backgrounds.  I am needing a lot more pratice but I found it relaxing!!! I am going to have to try this again really soon!!!

I had to add the it moose be love sentiment, it is just too cute!!!  I thought it would be a cute Anniversary card.  I really don’t make many of them!!

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incooperate my coloring into a card.  So I decided to emboss a wood grain background onto a white piece of card stock and adhere that to my card base and they add my colring on top of that.  It gives my card some extra dimention and interest but doesn’t take away from the images.

Thanks for dropping in!!!

Hugs and Blessings until next time!


My Dad’s New Journey #sharinghandmadekindness

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This is my Dad…Rodney.  He is just about to turn 81 in September and he recently beat Esophegeal Cancer.  He is very very active, he works 3 days a week as a NAPA parts driver, takes care of my disabled mom, does his own yard work, does the laudry, the house work and cooks.  Recently he started to loose his balance and get heaches.  His family doctor thought he had fluid in his ears and was getting arthritis.  Things got some better and then they got a lot worse.  On July 24th, he got so bad that he had to go to the ER.  While he was there there found a brain tumor 1 1/2 inches x 2 inches.  We aren’t sure if it is cancer or not.  Because of where it is located operating or biopsing it is not an option.  He started broad beam radiation therapy immdiately and also receives sterioids to shrink the tumor.

My Dad has been doing really well.  He has a very postive outlook and is a great patient.  He recently got moved from the hospital to rehab and might get to go home in a few days.  He has gained a lot of strength, eats like a horse and likes to kid around with his nursing staff.  The hardest part for him is that he is not allowed to drive for at least 6 months and it looks like he might have to finally retire.  Neither one of these things he is very happy about.

I have some really amazing and talented friends on Instagram with hearts of pure gold.  I asked if anyone would be willing to send him a card to help lift his spirits.  I was overwhelmed by all the response I have gotten.  I took a bunch in last night and he loved them so much!!!!   They lifted his spirits and put a huge smile on his face.  He had a headache when I got there and wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to read them, but he made it thru all of them.

Here are some pictures of him and his cards…..














His great grand kids made his cards and balloon animals…


and he had gotten two other cards in the mail when I as there…




I can not thank everyone enough for helping keep my Dad’s spirits up.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!  I means everything to me!!!!


There were even some cards and goodies sent for me.  My hearty truly is flowing with graditute and love!!!

Thank you all so much!!!

And thank you to everyone praying for my Dad.  We are all so grateful for each and every prayer!!!

Hugs and Blessings,


















Blue Hydrangea Day #25 of #thedailymarker30day color challenge

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Hi everyone,

I am finally caught up with my  cards I made for the Daily Marker 30 Day Color Challenge on the Daily Marker Blog.  Mostly because I haven’t had time to color!!!  LOL

I am loving coloring his hydrangea stamp.  I am not sure if there is really one in nature that is this color, but I thought it was a pretty color so I went with it!!!

I just want to say Thank You to Kathy from the Daily Marker for having this color challenge. I have made such amazing friends and have been so inspired my everyone’s work thru this challenge.  It is just so much fun to partcipapte!!!  Thank you Kathy!!!

Hugs and Blessing until next time!!!


I’m Glad We’re Friends!! Days Days #21 & 28 of #thedailymarker30day Color Challenge

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Hi Everyone,

I am so excited because I actually had some time yesterday before work to get some coloring in.  It was quick and not my best work but at least I got to color.

Yesterday was my first day getting to work in the house with my individuals.  I am working with developmentally disabled adults in a home setting.  I still have A LOT to learn but it was nice to finally meet my guys.

Ok back to cards!

Day 28


I am still totally in love with this stamp set from MFT.  Those bunnies and bears are just to sweet!!!


Day 21


For day 21 I used this super cute stamp from YNS.  Isn’t that happy soda bottle just too cute!!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  I am hoping things start to slow down around here and the qulaity of my blog will increase. There just hasn’t been very much time to blog lately.

Hugs and blessings until next time.